Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tips for a Teacher

Again, I am no expert when it comes to interviewing but I am not going to say I am bad either - if I was I wouldn't have received the job. I also know how it feels to be sitting in the 'hot seat' with several people sitting around a table, all eyes on your every move.
Stop me if I'm wrong... The phone rings (or email dings) to inform you that you have received an interview for the position you applied for. All of the sudden, you once steadily beating heart is now in the pit of your stomach, just briefly. Next, anticipation seizes and reality sets in. Then, your mind races to answer all the questions racing through your mind. "What should I wear? What are they going to ask? Maybe I should go and look on the computer for sample questions and read up on possible answers they want to hear. Oh my gosh, I actually have an interview! I wonder how many people will be there." Did I hit the nail on the head? It was just last month that I was going through the same thing! Unlike many I know I had an amazing mentor who helped me through everything!
To help ease the interview process here are some suggestions I was once given or wish I knew:

  1. The saying is true: The better you look, the better you will feel about yourself. *Wear clothes that are form fitting. It may not be right but the interviewers will be judging you the moment you step into the room. *Make sure every hair is in place and you take notice to your hygiene. *Don't wear too much perfume or cologne.
  2. SMILE. You are interviewing to be a teacher; they want someone who is personable.
  3. BE HONEST. Interviewers have been through this process hundreds, if not, thousands of times, they know when you are not being true and/or rehearsing the answer to them.
  4. DO NOT take too much time answering the question. For instance: "What are the three most important things you would like to know about your students?" Your response should start with, "Three things I think are most important to know is..." This will give you an extra five seconds of think time.
  5. FIRST, answer the question completely and then elaborate with examples or experiences.
  6. BE CONFIDENT. They notice the difference between nervous and not confidence. If you are not confident in a room with three adults, how are you going to be able to manage a room effectively and confidently?
  7. Pull from PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Allow them to see your passion instead of just going by what you say. If you have a relevant experience, utilize it just make sure it is relevant.
  8. Make sure you have questions prepared for them - whether they ask you or not. This shows them that you are seriously interested in their school and the job. CLICK HERE too see some sample questions.
  9. BE POSITIVE! No one wants to hire someone who is negative. You're with children all day, they want someone who will mold the students efficiently and provide a positive environment.
  10. BREATHE! You can do it. Take a few moments before the interview to research the school and their motto. This will give you a better sense of the school atmosphere and message they want their candidate to have. Believe in yourself!

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