Friday, May 23, 2014

The Journey

Getting to this point of my life has not come as easily as expected. Upon completion of college as an undergrad, I had the same expectations as each of my classmates, unaware that reality was about to make a striking appearance in my life. Like mentioned before, no matter how many applications I completed or job interviewed I went on, getting a full-time teaching job seemed nearly impossible in today's world. It was so disheartening, watching very few people I graduate with receive positions (mostly out-of-state) or give up on education all-together to work retail because, at least, the income was steady. Throughout it all, I tried to keep one thing in mind.. "Don't Quit!" Trust me, sometimes I really wanted to - especially with all of the debt from my student loans coming to the forefront of my mind.
"Just get a full-time job making an actually livable paycheck".
But unlike most of my friends, I knew if I did end up quitting, I would never be happy OR satisfied.  As discouraged and angry as I may have felt, I knew deep down that I couldn't waste the passion I have for teaching. During this difficult experience, I tried my hardest to stay positive and remember that everything happens for a reason.  Come back to find out where this mind-set led me...

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