Thursday, May 22, 2014

A New Beginning

This blog is dedicated to A NEW BEGINNING! A new beginning taking place in my life, which is occurring at this very moment. A scary, yet, exhilarating experience of finally becoming a PROFESSIONAL TEACHER! For 4 long years, I have waited for an opportunity (from any school) to demonstrate my passion and eagerness of becoming a REAL teacher. Before receiving this offer, I have been employed as a daycare worker, substitute teacher, and instructional aide. Even though all of these experiences have been amazing and a relevant source of employment, it is different than being an actual teacher employed at a district, full-time. As exhausting and discouraging as those years have been, I wasn't about to give up on my dream. So, after hundreds of hours of professional development and classes, TWO teaching certificates hanging on my wall, dozens upon dozens of applications completed, and many interviews conducted, I have FINALLY landed a position as a Special Education Teacher at a WONDERFUL school district.

"Some people can give thousands of reasons why they CANNOT succeed,

but all you need is ONE reason why you can!"


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